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AS ASWEGA was established in 1994 as a successor of famous on the territory of former USSR and eastern europe Tallinn based company «Prompribor».

As a result of privatization process the company personell became an owner of not only unique technological equipment, but also of huge working experience in the field of specialization, solid scientific and technical work already done and numerous know-how.

The production manufactured by specialists at AS ASWEGA provides measurment of high quality and accuracy of the usage of water, technical fluids, liquid food products and heat energy. The used technical sollutions are protected by patents.

Beeing the pionier, during the soviet times, in several instrument-making directions the company became the largest manufacturer of electromagnetic flowmeters, heatmeters and calibration equipment. During the time of opperations, starting from 1958 when the company succesfully developed the first commercial heat energy device in the USSR, the company had mastered the production of devices of several generations.

Nowadays the employees of the company export finished devices to the countries of European union, countries of former USSR and other regions. Its necessary to mention that the company already possesses all necessary certificates for operation in Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, accomplished metrological tests in Norway and is striving to do the same in other countries in Europe.

AS ASWEGA supports its clients on all stages of the process, starting with technical counceling and ending with the sale, delivery, instalation of post-sale support and training of the specialists. The company has a number of subsidiaries in Russia, Ukraine and Kazahstan.

Quality controll plays an immense role in the corporate culture of AS ASWEGA and in every aspect of businness from research and development to marketing.

The customers of AS ASWEGA are:

- industrial enterprises

- water canals and objects of housing and communal service

- food processing industry enterprises

- district heating organizations

Constant upgrade of products, development of technologies and establishement of relations allows the company personell to optimisticaly look into the future.