Heat meters SA-94/2M with microprocessor are intended for use during measurement, registration and regulation of thermal parameters in open and closed systems of heat supply with installation of one usage data unit.

The heat meter has a possibility of maximal adaptation to consumers heat supply system through an installation option for the usage sensing element, switching of a range of measured usage, a conformity choice of current or frequency target signals to measured parameters, etc.

The heat meter carries out automatic self-diagnostics and auto-calibration, records infringement in the work of heat supply system and its own units, and also time if the unit powers down or gets disconnected from the network to prevent any unauthorized intervention in the process of thermal energy account.

The heat meter records in internal memory the hourly values of heat system parameters for last moth and daily values of parameters for last year the device was operating. The storage time of static information is unlimited.

For connection to computer, modem or special adapter for transfer of saved information, the heat meter is equipped with standard serial communication interface RS232 (or RS485).

The heat meter is manufactured with a dustproof and water-resistant casing that allows wall-mounting option. The heat meter has the following technical characteristics.

  • high accuracy of calculations of heat volume and heat-carrier usage
  • adaptation of heat meter to the consumers heat supply system
  • various operational conveniences during exploitation
  • possibly of data transfer to compute through RS232 (485) interface
  • registration of malfunctions in heat supply system operation process
  • large volume of statistical data about parameters of heat supply system
  • registration of heat-carrier and heat usage in submitting pipeline